More than 25 years ago Jurassic Park taught us that dinosaurs are still living among us. Their extinction is definitely an overestimated conclusion. If they were all dead, as we have been told at school, how would you explain what we have seen here? Despite what scientists say, it is not uncommon to meet a Brontosaurus stranded on a roundabout or a Stegosaurus chilling in the park. And don't forget to pay high attention when visiting some areas of the world: all of a sudden you might find yourselves in front of a gigantic T-Rex or be chased by the speedy dangerous Velociraptor!

White Post, USA. July 2017

Hakusan, Japan. July 2018

Krasiejow, Poland. July 2013

Granger, USA. August, 2012

Sucre, Bolivia. July 2015

Dinosaur, USA. September 2011

Richmond, Australia. December 2014

Lourinha, Portugal. June 2018

Minas Gerais, Brazil. September 2011

Ogden, USA. August 2011

Drumheller, Canada. October 2014

Drumheller, Canada. September 2014

Holbrook, USA. July 2015

Holbrook, USA. July 2015

Chvalovice, Czech Republic. August, 2011

Cave City, USA. November 2018

Canon City, USA. August 2018

Cabazon, USA. March 2012

Frick, Switzerland. June 2013

Burgos, Spain. August 2019


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