"All hope abandon, ye who enter in!" wrote Dante Alighieri in the third Canto of his Divine Comedy. He was about to set foot in Hell. Entering a tunnel is obviously a different experience: it's shorter, safer and you don't need Virgil beside you to undertake the task. Like in Dante's Hell, though, even at the entrance of a tunnel you can hardly see its end. In tunnels, wanderers find themselves sorrounded by darkness, on a claustrophobic path through a holed mountain or under a digged ground. It sounds creepy, but don't worry: you can always go forth to see again the stars at the end of it.

Troms Og Finnmark, Norway. July 2019

Messina, Italy. August 2018

Awakino, New Zealand. June 2019

Guanajuato, Mexico. June 2018

Bilecik, Turkey. May 2018

Limpopo, South Africa. September 2017

Gásadalur, Faroe Islands. November 2016

Kurashiki, Japan. July 2017

Mendoza, Argentina. January 2014

Carpapata, Perù. July 2014

Maragondon, Philippines. March 2019

Madonna del Tindari, Italy. May 2019

Punggi-eup, South Korea. December 2017

Wadi Al Helo, EAU. November 2016

South Park, USA. July 2019

Hartbeespoort, South Africa. April 2013

Miaoli, Taiwan. July 2013

Tahora, New Zealand. July 2019

Bogotà, Colombia. February 2019

Cochabamba, Bolivia. May 2015

Rio Blanco, Perù. July 2014

Strathmore, New Zealand. December 2013


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