Everyone keeps their most precious things in a safe place. We put diamonds and golden rings in a strongbox. Our money (for those who have more than a few notes) is stored in banks and lenders. This happens for all invidual properties. When a good is precious for a group of people (a company or a farm for instance) or even for a whole community, it is often kept in a huge structure: a silo. Water, oil, grain, coal, cement, food, sawdust and many more things are accumulated in beautiful, circular silos. All silos share the same external appearance. It is what they have inside that makes them unique. From the road you can only guess...

Genova, Italy. May 2014

El Paso, USA. April 2019

Aberdeen, Scotland. March 2019

Dunkirk, France. May 2019

Inwood, USA. July 2019

Peterhead, Scotland. September 2015

Narsarsuaq, Greenland. July 2014

Inverness, Scotland. September 2015

Paulsboro, USA. October 2014

Venice, Italy. July 2015

Fos-sur-Mer, France. October 2012

Mersin, Turkey. April 2015

Nashville, USA. July 2019

Venice, Italy. April 2011

Dieppe, France. June 2019

Barcelona, Spain. August 2015

Bayonne, USA. August 2013

Świnoujście, Poland. June 2013

Barcelona, Spain. August 2018

Colombo, Sri Lanka. November 2015

Bayonne, USA. September 2012

Calenzano, Italy. June 2014

Civitavecchia, Italy. August 2014

Inwood, USA. July 2019

Mersin, Turkey. April 2015

San Diego, USA. May 2014

Riga, Latvia. August 2011

Dundee, Scotland. August 2014

Tallinn, Estonia. July 2014

Leghorn, Italy. August 2014

Arlington, USA. August 2018

Jersey City, USA. October 2015

Dundee, Scotland. August 2014

Rotterdam, Netherlands. October 2015

Grande-Synthe, France. July 2019

Westwego, USA. April 2011


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