We all have this moment, when we need to stop and refill our mind's and body's fuel tank. The trip is so long that we have to rest our bones more than once. A gas station is always there, on the road, to fullfil our wishes. But remember, a tip is always well-received by the attendant.

Vinsobres, France. September 2014

Cerro de Pasco, Perù. August 2014

Cork, Ireland. September 2011

Cusco, Perù. November 2013

La Libertad, Perù. December 2014

Vinnyts'ka oblast, Ukraine. May 2015

Seoul, South Korea. December 2009

Gabrene, Bulgaria. February 2012

Stalowa Wola, Poland. July 2012

Akershus, Norway. March 2010

Sauce, Uruguay. September 2015

Ajo, USA. May 2011

Carbondale, USA. October 2012

Palermo, Italy. June 2015

Avignon, France. May 2013

Crete, Greece. September 2014

Pachino, Italy. November 2010

La Paz, Bolivia. March 2015


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