Roads go often straight from one point to another. They turn right or left when they meet an obstacle or when they need to connect to other roads. There is only one element that subverts this scheme: the roundabout. Roundabouts were invented by men to fool the roads. In a roundabout a road gets lost: it keeps turning again and again. It forgets its destination and even its starting point. In addition, roundabouts have something magical, just like the eraser at the end af a pencil: if you make a mistake, you can just try again after one round.

Deerfield Beach, USA. May 2011

Kisii, Kenya. June 2018

Benidom, Spain. July 2019

East Java, Indonesia. September 2013

Gramado, Brazil. April 2019

Madhupur, Bangladesh. December 2015

Guadalajara, Spain. October 2018

Riello, Spain. November 2009

Route 91, Israel. July 2012

Kinmen, Taiwan. September 2016

Béni Khiar, Tunisia. July 2016

Montpellier, France. April 2018

Dawes Point, Australia. September 2019

Murcia, Spain. April 2015

Sevilla, Spain. May 2019

Latina, Italy. September 2019

Fitzroy, Australia. December 2018

Strelcha, Bulgaria. July 2018

Porto, Portugal. September 2019

Stykki, Faroe Islands. November 2016

Murcia, Spain. March 2019

Yaiza, Spain. October 2016

Chaillevette, France. September 2018

Valladolid, Spain. September 2019

Hagetmau, France. February 2010

Hoek van Holland, Netherlands. August 2017

Madrid, Spain. September 2019

Ingenio, Spain. April 2009

Almodôvar, Portugal. February 2015

Sidamon, Spain. May 2019

Rangpur, Bangladesh. June 2015

Wrexham, United Kingdom. October 2015


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