Coca-Cola is likely the only thing you can order in any place of the world you happen to be. In the middle of the desert or in the jungle, on the snowy mountains or on a hammock in front of the Caribbean Sea, a can of Coke is always available, with the same taste, the same packaging, the same bubbles. First sold in pharmacies, now you can find it anywhere except (maybe) pharmacies. Its distribution is so widespread thanks to an extensive advertising coverage, showing the world famous red and white logo. Even Santa Claus loved this soft drink so much that he started wearing these colours as an uniform for his job.

London, United Kingdom. July 2019

Puerto San José, Guatemala. September 2016

Mezcales, Mexico. August 2014

Kampala, Uganda. June 2015

Nagasaki, Japan. June 2019

Hesperange, Luxembourg. September 2009

Mozaga, Spain. December 2018

Istanbul, Turkey. March 2018

Nairobi, Kenya. January 2018

New York City, USA. June 2019

Akureyri, Iceland. August 2013

Guatemala City, Guatemala. June 2016

Bergas, Indonesia. November 2018

Coatzcoalcos, Mexico. January 2015

Baton Rouge, USA. May 2017

Sakai, Japan. November 2018

Ulan Bator, Mongolia. November 2014

British Columbia, Canada. May 2009

Nairobi, Kenya. January 2018

Guanajuato, Mexico. April 2019

Lexington, USA. October 2013

Yao, Japan. December 2018

Soči, Russia. September 2017

Tepic, Mexico. September 2015

Sapporo, Japan. May 2019

Tekit, Mexico. June 2014

Merida, Mexico. January 2019

Jeju, South Korea. November 2018

Tepic, Mexico. August 2015

Rota, Spain. October 2018

Novorossijsk, Russia. August 2012

Settsu, Japan. April 2017


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