Almost 70% of the human body is made up of water. It's no surprise that we are strongly linked with this fluid since the beginning of our lives: a newborn baby is immediately at ease when put in water. So it's even less surprising that we can have fun with water. We have also built monuments for our aquatic entertainment and pleasure! Slides that look like snakes, tubes that wrinkle like smoke in the air, towers as high and colourful as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon: a waterpark is a park of marvel.

Colorado Springs, USA. May 2018

Quarteira, Portugal. June 2014

Blackpool, United Kingdom. October 2018

Haabneeme, Estonia. August 2018

Canberra, Australia. August 2019

Indian Rocks Beach, USA. June 2019

Middleton, USA. September 2018

Cecina, Italy. June 2011

Dubai, UAE. April 2016

Riccione, Italy. June 2012

Vilnius, Lithuania. July 2012

Southport, United Kingdom. March 2019

Delta, Canada. May 2009

Jackass Flat, Australia. February 2010

Draper, USA. June 2018

Druskininkai, Lithuania. June 2017

Rodos, Greece. September 2010

Suchy Las, Poland. June 2017

Gulfport, USA. June 2019

Cape Coral, USA. April 2018

Florianópolis, Brasil. July 2019

North Richland Hills, USA. August 2019


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