It is said that a dog is a man's best friend. Yeah, maybe. We don't have enough evidence for that. Surely they are everywhere and they populate cities and outskirts together with us for centuries. Most of human activities can be done with a dog on our side. Dogs sometimes act in ways that look misterious to us: we don't know what they say when they bark or growl in the streets and it's funny how they get in touch by sniffing each other's butts. They are faithful but there is no way you can eradicate their freedom to sleep on a dusty roadside and their will to run behind a passing car.

Chascomus, Argentina. February 2015

Thimphu, Bhutan. April 2013

Buenos Aires, Argentina. September 2014

New York, USA. August 2012

Kuningakula, Estonia. June 2011

Leeming, England. August 2011

Cusco, Perù. August 2013

Palermo, Italy. July 2015

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. December 2014

Siem Reap, Cambodia. August 2013

El Porvenir, Perù. October 2013

El Porvenir, Perù. December 2013

Port Elisabeth, South Africa. October 2009

Phnom Penh, Cambodia. December 2013

Lima, Perù. November 2013

Medellin, Colombia. 2016

Haines, USA. September 2011

Izmir, Turkey. June 2014

Villardompardo, Spain. May 2013

Bucharest, Romania. July 2014

Vorkuta, Russia. May 2013

Ameliada, Greece. October 2014


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