Bus stops are small reproductions of our lives. You stand or sit there waiting for a ride that can bring you to your final destination. During this wait you share a limited space with unknown people. Sometimes you talk to others, sometimes you just ignore them because you are busy thinking or because you just want to scroll through your phone with no particular reason.
We have two friends that we've always known as a couple. They first met at a bus stop 15 years ago. They are now married with children. Life is often unpredictable.

Dolna Krushitsa, Bulgaria. March 2012

Heves, Hungary. May 2012

Hatillo, Portorico. May 2016

Madagalla, Sri Lanka. August 2015

Permisküla, Estonia. June 2011

Héricourt, France. March 2011

La Pampa, Argentina. February 2014

Dehigolla, Sri Lanka. May 2015

Cluj, Romania. September 2012

Barra del Chuy, Uruguay. September 2015

Canary Islands, Spain. March 2013

Debarca, North Macedonia. June 2015

Tannerre-en-Puisaye, France. May 2013

Bethlehem, Israel. June 2012

Karakol, Kirghizistan. October 2015

Kogalym, Russia. August 2013

Rahat, Israel. May 2012

Vestmanna, Faroe Islands. September 2016


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