There is probably nothing more linked to the idea of recent past than a public phone box. First blown away by cellular phones and then literally erased from our memory by smartphones, public phones in the streets are now relics of a bright era, when it was still possible to call someone away from home without being constantly reachable by others. No sms, no endless calls. Let alone WhatsApp and 4G connection. The only thing you needed to get in touch with the world through a wire was a small coin. Unused and rusty, public phones still stand in the contemporary world, heedless of the passing time.

Varengeville-sur-Mer, France. August 2016

Corumba, Brasil. January 2012

Gutcher, Scotland. September 2015

Chiusdino, Italy. May 2016

Ioannina, Greece. November 2014

Sharja, UAE. March 2015

Corumba, Brasil. January 2012

Siófok, Hungary. June 2018

Altiani, Corsica. September 2014

London, United Kingdom. September 2017

Dresden, Germany. August 2008

Evora, Portugal. May 2014

Brasilia, Brasil. August 2011

London, United Kingdom. September 2017

Valladolid, Spain. May 2012

Pisa, Italy. May 2012

Sagres, Portugal. February 2015

Genève, Switzerland. July 2013

Puebla de Guzman, Spain. September 2011

Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland. September 2012


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