The Christian cross instantly became a symbol, despite the absence of the main content. Jesus was once crucified on a cross. It is said that he died for our sins. But today Jesus has left almost every cross and what we see is just a cold intersection of lines on the roadsides, in front of the churches, on top of the mountains. It's together weird and powerful that these two lines mean for some of us, as human beings, salvation, redemption and atonement.

Aubigny-sur-Nère, France. June 2012

Accra, Ghana. March 2016

Nayarit, Mexico. May 2015

Foxton, New Zealand. April 2015

Prato, Italy. October 2018

Rindžiūnai, Lithuania. July 2012

Cunningham, USA. March 2014

Castro, Chile. April 2014

Bunkerville, USA. June 2011

El Alto, Bolivia. April 2015

Junin, Argentina. April 2013

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. June 2019

Galleno, Italy. June 2018

Leknes, Norway. August 2010

Huancavelica, Perù. 2016

Ibadan, Nigeria. October 2018

Comitan de Dominiguez, Mexico. July 2013

Lévis, Canada. September 2017

San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. September 2018

Concordia, Argentina. September 2014

Kragujevac, Serbia. November 2014

Newborough Forest, United Kingdom. July 2016

Sepino, Italy. February 2011

Effingham, USA. July 2019

Wickliffe, USA. August 2019

Groom, USA. May 2019

Warsaw, Poland. July 2018

Nicolae Balcescu, Romania. October 2012

Douglas, Isle of Man. September 2010

Povoa de Varzim, Portugal. September 2014

Durango, Mexico. July 2014

Walnut Shade, USA. July 2019

Campello, Italy. December 2011

Lima, Perù. November 2013

Santa Ines Yatzeche, Mexico. May 2012

Šiauliai, Lithuania. June 2012


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