Streets are the easiest place to sell your products. Practically any thing today is sold on the street: from souvenirs to drugs. Most skilled sellers show their stuff on bright and clean stalls, others use vans or little trucks. Actually you don't need anything of the sort to bring home the salary after a long day. A dirty blanket (and a few customers passing by) are often enough...

Salvador, Brazil. May 2017

Sandys Parish, Bermuda. June 2015

Qusaybat-al-Madyun, Tunisia. July 2016

Venice, Italy. September 2018

Udenisht, Albania. June 2016

Rio de Janiero, Brazil. May 2016

Bari, Italy. October 2018

Ahuazotepec, Mexico. October 2012

Saint-Valery-en-Caux, France. June 2019

Dacca, Bangladesh. March 2013

Sfax, Tunisia. July 2016

Cairo, USA. October 2013

Panam City, Bangladesh. April 2015

Gwangyang, South Korea. March 2015

Dacca, Bangladesh. June 2013

Novi Sad, Serbia. July 2014

Mokpo, South Korea. April 2015

Imperio, Perù. February 2014

Ambanja, Madagascar. July 2014

Susa, Tunisia. July 2016

Calkini, Mexico. September 2018

Dakar, Senegal. June 2015

Dakar, Senegal. September 2015

Leicester, United Kingdom. April 2019

Prey Veng, Cambodia. April 2014

San Benito, Guatemala. September 2016

Ovillers-la-Boisselle, France. September 2008

Entebbe, Uganda. June 2015


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