It is reported that Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut in history to journey into outer space, commented while looking at our planet from high up above: “the Earth is beautiful, without borders or boundaries”. We don't know if this really happened or if it is just over-romanticisation only good for posterity. Yet, we are sure about the situation down here. The Earth is fragmented into about 200 independent countries and each of them has sovranity over a specific piece of land. In some cases the area is vast and almost endless, in some others it is so small that you can hardly spot it on maps and globes. Each country traces a line to claim its property and to identify itself among its neighbors. “This is our border”, they say. Many things may happen around this line.

Venezuela — Colombia border. February 2014

Argentina — Chile border. March 2014

Vatican City — Italy border. August 2018

Burkina Faso — Ghana border. May 2016

USA — Mexico border. June 2009

Canada — United States border. August 2009

USA — Mexico border. August 2009

Chile — Argentina border. May 2014

Uruguay — Brazil border. September 2015

Croatia — Bosnia Herzegovina border. September 2011

United Arab Emirates — Oman border. October 2016

Estonia — Russia border. June 2011

Thailand — Malaysia border. November 2016

Eswatini — South Africa border. May 2013

South Africa — Eswatini border. November 2010

France — Spain border. October 2013

Russia — Finland border. May 2013

Guatemala — Mexico border. March 2009

Oman — United Arab Emirates border. February 2016

Lesotho — South Africa border. February 2013

Norway — Sweden border. August 2010

Malaysia — Thailand border. May 2016

Mexico — USA border. March 2009

Mexico — USA border. July 2015


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