If you were a ghost, what would you choose as your mansion? An abandoned house, of course. Abandoned houses are always so fascinating, not only for spirits. For living human beings, too. So it's no surprise that, once dead, we go back and haunt those places.
There is no apparent reason to let a house rotten or fall apart: a house is always built for someone to live in. That happens quite often, though. And that is the right moment for the ghosts to come into play!

Detroit, USA. July 2019

Zaim Chiflik, Bulgaria. June 2012

Bodie, USA. April 2015

Choir, Mongolia. April 2015

Goussainville, France. July 2019

Ōkuma, Japan. June 2013

Mataura Island, New Zealand. January 2013

Piskupat, Albania. June 2016

Hashima, Japan. June 2013

South Korea. November 2009

Lički Osik, Croatia. October 2011

Detroit, USA. August 2013

Goussainville, France. July 2019

Kayaköy, Turkey. November 2019

Felmer, Romania. August 2014

Cairo, USA. October 2013

Detroit, USA. August 2013

Goussainville, France. July 2019

Mucuri, Brazil. January 2012

Camperano, Italy. October 2011

Tocco Caudio, Italy. December 2010

Topolovgrad, Bulgaria. April 2012

Cairo, USA. October 2013

Panam City, Bangladesh. April 2015

Genoa, USA. October 2019

General Toshevo, Bulgaria. April 2012


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