Red is the last colour of the visible spectrum of light. No human being can see beyond that frequency with his very eyes. Red is also one of the first pigments that men used to draw in caves and shelters during the prehistoric age. Red is the blood that runs inside our bodies. If we had to choose a colour to describe our true essence, this could be no other but red! Every time we get in touch with it we feel at home.

Ferndale, USA. June 2012

Venice, Italy. May 2013

Reykjavík, Iceland. July 2013

Tepic, Mexico. July 2015

Skálabotnur, Faroe Islands. September 2016

Ushuaia, Argentina. March 2014

Tromsø, Norway. August 2010

Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. May 2016 

Oulu, Finland. July 2009

Súðavík, Iceland. August 2013

Río Gallegos, Argentina. November 2014

Magangué, Colombia. February 2013

Troms Og Finnmark, Norway. August 2010

Nordland, Norway. June 2019

Dornoch, Scotland. August 2008

Rize, Turkey. June 2015

Innlandet, Norway. October 2019

Gävle, Sweden. August 2010

Cape Town, South Africa. January 2010

Río Gallegos, Argentina. November 2014

Holbæk, Denmark. October 2010

Attu Island, USA. June 2015

Tolle, Italy. May 2019

San Pedro Itzican, Mexico. August 2013

Storsjö, Sweden. July 2011

Lindsborg, USA. March 2014


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