Trains don't run on regular streets. They need steel tracks to move. These train lines might encounter cars and concrete on their path, though. In such intersections a level crossing is needed. In modern times level crossings are always less and less. Several of them have been removed from our cities, but some others are still in service. To our eyes they all look beautiful and old fashioned in their authority to stop traffic. Red light, bars down: cars must stop. Green light, bars up: people can cross.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. November 2014 

Aubigny-sur-Nère, France. November 2010

Sicilia, Italy. February 2010

Capannori, Italy. June 2012

Soda Springs, USA. August 2012

Castelfiorentino, Italy. October 2011

Sicilia, Italy. March 2010 

Catania, Italy. August 2009

Peloponnese, Greece. October 2011

Catena, Italy. September 2010

National Route 77, Scotland. March 2009 

Celano, Italy. October 2011

Montecatini Terme, Italy. September 2014

Concordia, Argentina. September 2014

Kyrö, Finland. October 2011 

Dhaka, Bangladesh. April 2013

Irkutsk Oblast', Russia. June 2013

Fallon, USA. May 2015

Grand Canyon, USA. October 2012

Ferniehurst, New Zealand. June 2012


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