“Dirty clothes are washed at home” is a common phrase used in Italy to warn someone not to reveal bad or unpleasant facts about his/her own family to others and to solve all problems and issues behind closed doors. But this phrase tell us more. It implies that everyone is able to understand a lot about a certain community by looking at its loose laundry. Where are clothes hanged? How colourful they are? How many pegs are used for each piece? Find the answers for such questions and you'll get an instant survey about the ethos of a people.

West Java, Indonesia. March 2019

Molise, Italy. August 2010

Evora, Portugal. May 2014

Tepic, Mexico. August 2015

Sermiligaaq, Greenland. August 2015

Limpopo, South Africa. September 2017

Pariaman, Indonesia. August 2015

Fatsa, Turkey. June 2015

Accra, Ghana. February 2016

Dakar, Senegal. June 2015

Ofu, Samoan Islands. December 2014

Dakar, Senegal. June 2015

Ambanja, Madagascar. July 2014

Bretonvillers, France. April 2011

Bari, Italy. June 2015

Cape Town, South Africa. September 2009


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