People think that boats can only be seen on the sea. We were surprised to meet them in backyards, on country roadsides, in urban parking lots and even in private gardens. The vision of all these stranded boats has always been nostalgic and inscrutable to us. Who sailed them there? Do they lead a life of their own? Maybe, like us, they are just waiting for the sea to calm down before leaving again.

Yellowknife, Canada. July 2009

Inari, Finland. October 2011

Tasiilaq, Greenland. July 2014

Halls Head, Australia. October 2015

Sozopol, Bulgaria. June 2015

Fairbanks, USA. July 2009

Seward, USA. August 2009 

Eureka, USA. April 2012

Sandur, Faroe Islands. September 2016 

Churchill, Canada. October 2013

San Juan, Puerto Rico. February 2016

Bunkerville, USA. June 2011

Magangué, Colombia. February 2013

Atiya, Bulgaria. March 2012

Karteràdos, Greece. December 2011

Asili, Western Samoa. May 2014

Izmir, Turkey. June 2014

Alajõe, Estonia. June 2011


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