We would all like to get our childhood back, when everything seemed to be reachable and no dream was impossible to imagine while we were swinging on the seesaw or going down the slide. How many of those dreams are now still standing or have become reality? Have our lives followed the paths we wished for? Playgrounds grow in the city as reminders for those questions: they are places of freedom and fun for children and nostalgic cages for adults.

Chermignon d'en Bas, Switzerland. August 2013

Greece. October 2014

Erdenet, Mongolia. March 2015

Wat Phnom, Cambodia. 2016

Peštera, Bulgaria. June 2012

Karioti, Greece. September 2014

Quiberville, France. June 2019

Mitzpe Ramon, Israel. July 2012

Barberino di Mugello, Italy. October 2018

Salida, USA. September 2012

Concordia, Argentina. September 2014

Quevedo, Ecuador. May 2015

Bogotá, Colombia. October 2012 

Milan, Italy. September 2014

Kazan, Russia. August 2015

Pierowall, Scotland. August 2010

Corton, England. March 2011

Moscow, Russia. June 2015

Cusco, Perù. August 2013

Saku, Japan. August 2015

Pisa, Italy. March 2019

Kalda, Estonia. June 2011

Sderot, Israel. March 2012

Vorkuta, Russia. June 2013


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