Lighthouses are the last piece of human intelligence on the mainland before it gives way to the sea. A lighthouse is a projection in the mist. It's a ray of light in the dead of night. It's a tower standing steady and proud on the rocks that helps the sea wanderer not to lose the route. Sailors like moths are attracted by the light but they should keep it at a distance if they want to be saved.

La Paloma, Uruguay. September 2015

Tahkuna, Estonia. July 2011

Birkenhead, United Kingdom. June 2015

Corigliano Rossano, Italy. April 2010

Cariño, Spain. March 2010

Aforesménou, Greece. November 2014

Porto Vecchio, France. December 2008

Carvoeiro, Portugal. September 2018

Monte Hermoso, Argentina. April 2015

Storozhno, Russia. June 2013

Aguada, Puerto Rico. May 2016

Istanbul, Turkey. April 2018

Eshaness, United Kingdom. September 2015

Corcubión, Spain. September 2012

Central Java, Indonesia. April 2015

Colonia del Sacramento, Argentina. July 2015

Shabla, Bulgaria. March 2012

Marsa Scirocco, Malta. September 2016

Paldiski, Estonia. July 2011

New Forest, United Kingdom. May 2016

Dry Tortugas, USA. September 2013

Troms Og Finnmark, Norway. July 2019


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